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If we’ve said it once we’ve said it one hundred times: vegan beauty is exciting. Its formulas are ahead of the game.

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Yes, it might once have been made up of flimsy sounding ingredients, and sold in hessian bags, but things have changed. Vegan beauty is one of the fastest growing categories, with more brands touting animal-friendly products than ever before. Really, there’s no excuse not to be making simple switches, as product wise, it doesn’t involve any kind of compromise. This top to toe bundle, will serve you from, um, yes, head to toe, with formulas for your face, hair and even armpits.

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Vegan Head To Toe Set

Vegan Head To Toe Set

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What's Included...

Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator (75ml)

A gentle but brilliant facial exfoliator, this uses avocado oil, jojoba beads and calendula oil to restore moisture and reveal a brighter complexion.

Glow Hub Calm & Soothe Toner Essence (100ml)

Lest you thought your sensitive skin couldn’t handle an astringent toner, this is formulated for you, with anti-inflammatory jojoba extract and omega rich hemp seed oil.

Q+A Ginger Daily Moisturiser (75ml)

Ginger, an antioxidant, helps to restore the skin’s lipid barrier. Find it in droves in this.

UpCircle Chai Soap Bar in Cinnamon & Ginger (100g)

A deliciously scented, plastic-free shower companion.

Nuddy Daily Shine Treatment Shampoo Bar in Lime, Mint & Grapefruit (100g)

From a female, British and independent brand (pretty good, eh?), these deeply conditioning bars are loaded up with coconut and argan oil.

Evolve Organic Beauty Cotton Fresh Deodorant (30ml)

A cream deodorant that doesn’t block pores, but with anti-microbial sage oil, pungent pits don’t stand a chance.

Salt+Stone SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion (88ml)

This mineral sunscreen sinks quickly, leaving no white cast, and best of all it’s coral-safe (in case you’re headed somewhere exotic, ha ha)

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