UpCircle Plastic-Free Safety Razor

UpCircle Plastic-Free Safety Razor

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Sharpen your shaving routine (and reduce irritation) with UpCircle’s Plastic-Free Safety Razor. Made from non-disposable chrome, this unisex razor can be used anywhere - from face to legs - to leave you feeling smooth. No need to apply pressure; just let the razor head glide gently over your skin. Each pack comes with two blades.

How to use

Unscrew the handle from the two-part head and insert blade. Reattach securely. Moisten the shaving area, using a shaving oil or gel if preferred. Hold the razor at a shallow angle to the skin. Do not apply pressure - hold the handle gently and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin. Shave in direction of hair growth.


A planet-friendly alternative to disposable plastic razors.


    Housed in a cardboard box - 100% Recyclable