L:A BRUKET Facial Toner & Refresher

L:A BRUKET Facial Toner & Refresher

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A natural, hydrating unisex toner with extract from Chamomile and Witch Hazel completes a deep clean, balances, has a high moisturizing effect and prepares your skin for nourishing treatment. Use it also as a refresher after a day with screen exposure, on a flight, or as a cleaning and easing after shave. Extract of Chamomile stimulates and soothes. Bergamot has an antiseptic, healing and calming effect. Witch Hazel is astringent and antiseptic.

How to use

Spray the toner on a cotton pad, sweep it all over the face but not around the eyes. Can also be sprayed directly on face.


Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Fruit Extract, Bergamot essential oil, Chamomile extract, Fruit extracts, Witch hazel extract.


The product's outer packaging and container are recyclable, except for the product's pump.