KiKi Health Organic Coconut Oil

KiKi Health Organic Coconut Oil

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KIKI's Coconut Oil is extracted from organically grown coconuts, and cold-pressed to preserve its superb qualities and purity while maintaining the rich fresh coconut taste and aroma. Coconut oil is ideal for cooking with as the molecules are stable enough to withstand heat without becoming oxidised, and at the same time retaining a pleasant coconut flavour and aroma. Coconut Oil can also be used as an effective beauty aid to hair and skin.

Size: 200ml

How to use 

KIKI’s Coconut Oil can be used safely in cooking and retains a pleasant aroma and still retains a delightful coconut flavour.

There are numerous ways in which coconut oil can be used, here are some of our favourites:

Add to shakes and smoothies
Replaces butter and margarine
Can be used as a massage oil
A hydrating hair and face mask
Use as a lip moisturiser


100% Pure unrefined certified organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Naturally free from gluten and wheat.
No artificial colours, sweeteners or fillers.


100% Recyclable - container and outer packaging