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A Helping Hand

With all the washing, drying and sanitising, it's no surprise that our hands are exceptionally dry right now.

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So to make the process more pleasurable, and elevate the everyday, we’ve put a kit together to keep your hands clean and hydrated. With a gel sanitiser and an organic hand cream, it's not only great for at home, but also on the go.

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A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

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What's Included...

Tangent GC Hand Cream - Yuzu (50ml)

Vegan, Organic, Recyclable

A deeply moisturising, organic hand cream crafted with pure vegetable lipids. It soothes and nourishes, whilst this delicate blend of mandarin and grapefruit smells absolutely delicious! 

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Gel Hand Sanitiser (50ml)

Vegan, Natural, Organic, Recyclable

At the moment we all know having your hand sanitiser ‘handy’ is key! This hydrating hand sanitiser is made with plant-based alcohol to nourish and care for your hands. Perfect for on the go hygiene, without leaving your hands gasping for moisture!

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