Tangent GC Delicate Detergent Yuzu

Tangent GC Delicate Detergent Yuzu

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TGC041 delicate detergent – with yuzu perfume – treats natural fabrics gently. It is specially adapted to be used on such materials as sheep wool and silk. Made in Sweden.

How to use 

Tangent GC Liquid detergents are suitable for both hand washing and machine washing. The only thing that changes here is the dosage. The quantities vary depending on the product. Hand wash requires 10ml of detergent in 5 litres of water. Machine wash requires 20ml per 2-3kg load.  


>30% Aqua, 15-20% Nonionic Surfactant, <1% Anionic Surfactant, <1% Complexing Agent, Perfume (Linalool), Phenoxyethanol.


Sugarcane bottles leaving a negative carbon footprint. Outer packaging 100% recyclable.