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The Stress Melter

Lockdown getting you down? We hear you. Mornings can be miserable, weeks can be exhausting and days impossible to separate from nights. When every day is Groundhog Day, it’s important to practice self-care.

What's More

To hone a routine filled with rituals that help you attempt normalcy, even if it is something as simple as washing your face, because hey, it’s nice to be washing something other than your hands. In addition to a cleansing balm, this set includes a detoxifying mask, a night cream and most importantly, a CBD spray for a daily dose of calm.

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The Stress Melter
The Stress Melter

The Stress Melter

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What's Included...

Skin & Tonic Calm Clean Cleanser (50g)

Vegan, Organic, Recyclable

This gentle cleanser will remove make-up and daily impurities, whilst soothing the skin and senses. Jasmine, blue chamomile and lavender essential oils work to relax the mind and melt away not just your make-up, but also the day's stresses. 

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream (60ml)

Vegan, Organic, Recyclable

A deeply nourishing night cream that contains premium bioactive ingredients such as manuka honey and vinanza grape. This combination of ingredients will make skin hydrated and work to neutralise the affects of premature ageing.

BeYou CBD Oral Drops Spray Dual 1200 MG- Lemon (30mg)

Vegan, Natural, Organic, Recyclable

With a multitude of positive impacts that CBD can have, why not perfect your CBD routine with these oral drops and spray dual applicator! Switch between the pipette and spray applicator so you can take your daily dose any time, anywhere.

Skin & Tonic De-Stress Mask (50g)

Vegan, Organic

The face mask has the perfect trinity of aloe vera, coconut milk and kaolin clay to gently detoxify, protect and repair skin. As if that’s not enough, it’s then also packed with lavender to calm your senses.

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