Packing and Fulfillment

Our Boxes

Produced in the UK. From recycled material. With 100% post-consumer waste. It wouldn’t be right if we took one step forward with our ethos and two steps back with our packaging. That’s why all boxes have a 10-mile carbon footprint from manufacture to dispatch, and we reuse all returns packaging to minimise waste and reduce costs.


Our Mailing Bag

We want to help you buy better so it’d be a shame if the packaging cancelled out your efforts. Made from corn starch, our compostable mailing bags do just that. They’re also carbon negative and proceeds of their purchase go towards the mangrove estuary regeneration in Madagascar, helping to draw CO2 from the atmosphere.


Our Branded Bands

The bands you see are all made from FSC MIX - a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC controlled woods. Controlled wood might not be from FSC-certified forests, but it does reduce the likelihood of the material coming from unacceptable sources. Each band is also printed locally in the UK.


Our Labels

Just like our mailing bags, our labels are also biodegradable. You don’t need to worry about peeling them off either. Just throw the whole lot into your home compost bin and within 6-12 months they’ll be no more. Each label complies with European Standards for Compostable Packaging, EN 13432, as well as being OK Compost-certified.


Everything Else

Did you know that plastic tape on packaging can stop it from being recycled? Even if it’s 100% recyclable packaging. That’s why we use paper tape with biodegradable glue for sealing the boxes. The returns forms are also made from 100% recycled paper scrunch. Buying and returning has never been better.


Our Delivery

We believe that DPD Green has the strongest environmental programme, committed to ongoing improvement and contribution for our planet. They’re leading the movement, not following, so it was an easy choice when picking a delivery partner. Oh, and their customer information systems and competitive pricing is also a big plus.


For smaller deliveries, we use Royal Mail. Just as we’re committed to providing you with new products, we’re constantly working with local partners and suppliers - that uphold our own beliefs and give us tangible environmental assets - to maintain our credentials at the highest possible levels.


A note from our industry leading fulfillment agency, Provenance + Green:


“The best form of luxury is often based on purity rather than ostentation, the clarity of a diamond for instance is a benchmark for ultimate luxury and natural purity. Making products that have an eco-purity means extracting every ounce of consideration for our planet from every product we deliver.

“Whenever we create a product that not only protects our environment, but also reflects the purity and feel of luxury we are undoubtedly looking at the future of retail products as they should be, holding the highest eco-conscious credentials and luxurious to behold – simple luxury.”