Empowering you to make
better choices, second nature.

The world has shifted. We’re now thinking about our role in it more than ever. Mint Green started out as two people keen to accelerate the change towards making conscious choices. We wanted to understand the complex world of ‘green’ and consumer culture more consciously, and simply, without the info overload.

We founded Mint Green because we want to improve the world in ways that just make sense. We consciously curate products that have a positive impact on people + the planet, so you don’t have to look far to keep helping it. We never sell anything we don’t use ourselves. So at last, you can buy from a retailer who thinks like you, finding brands you’ll love. Meaning you buy less, better. It really is that easy.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where what you buy, doesn’t harm you or the planet.

Consciously curated products for the conscious consumer

Our customers don’t have to do the legwork to make this a reality. We’ve done it for them. Mint Green is a single, evolving place to make green living a habit. You’ll get everything you want from products that don’t cost the earth as you help it. You can learn, grow and experiment with your own knowledge of sustainable living.

Inspiring brands to go green – one change at a time

We want to help brands reach higher and waste less - with the rewards to match.  However, applying the exact same standards to every product is tough. We know because we’ve tried it ourselves. Unlike an all-or-nothing approach, we celebrate products that take the right steps forward. Little by little, brands can push each other to do more. Over time, we’ll gather more data to strike the perfect balance between people, profit and planet.