&Sisters Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons® - Mixed/Duo

&Sisters Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons® - Mixed/Duo

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Perfect for light to heavy flow days. 

Pack contains 8 x paper wrapped naked tampons® (2L/4M/2H)

&SISTERS premium certified organic cotton tampons are designed to enhance your wellbeing.

They are both healthy and high-performing, providing the ultimate peace of mind.

The Contour Fit™ design provides comfortable all-around expansion for maximum leak protection without the use of chemical absorbents and follows your individual contours providing a true and more comfortable fit.

What you put in your body matters.

Always use the lowest tampon absorbency for your needs

How to use

Remove the tampon from the paper wrapper. Release the cotton string, and check the string hangs loose below the tampon. Hold the tampon at the entrance of your vagina. Push the tampon into the vagina using your finger. Until is up enough so you can no longer feel the tampon but the strings still hang below the entrance of the vagina. The tampon is now in place. You now shouldn’t be able to feel the tampon at all. If you can, then it isn’t inserted far enough & needs to be pushed further into the vagina. Wash your hands & you’re done!


    100% pure natural organic cotton core and thread


    100% Recyclable - container and outer packaging