Anatome Long Handled Natural Bristle Brush
Anatome Long Handled Natural Bristle Brush

Anatome Long Handled Natural Bristle Brush

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Use this natural bristle, long handled body brush to exfoliate dead skin cells away from your skin, resulting in softer and glowing skin, and encourage lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

Our Natural Bristle Long Handled Body Brush is ideal for using in the shower to exfoliate away dead skin cells, revealing the softer, glowing skin underneath. It allows you a professional salon body brushing experience in your own home. 

Regular use will improve the appearance of the skin and will also benefit the body below the surface. Using this body brush on a regular basis will remove dry, flaky and dull skin and will also help to prevent blocked pores, which can lead to ingrown hairs, breakouts and blemishes. 

Exfoliating using a body brush also encourages the removal of toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage and provides the skin with oxygen and essential nutrients by stimulating blood flow. Plus, regular use will help to prevent and improve the appearance of dimpled skin caused by cellulite. 

Made from naturally sourced materials, this body brush is an eco-friendly and stylish addition to any bathroom. If you use this brush with water, make sure it dries properly with each use to maintain its look and integrity. 

How to use

Use small circular movements to massage dry skin, paying particular attention to the thighs, buttocks and stomach before showering. Follow with a hydrating body moisturiser. 


Hard wearing wood, natural bristles. 


100% recyclable paper outer packaging.