Hi, We’re Mint Green 

Mint Green is a new home for brands that think like you. Not just good for the earth, but your lifestyle and wellbeing too.

We call it ‘conscious consumerism’. Switching to more sustainable products that are as good - or better - than what you’re used to. 

But before you dive in, we want to introduce ourselves properly. Just step this way, and mind the plants on the floor. We’re still settling in...  

A brief history of time (for change)

More and more people have been trying to shop consciously. But the pandemic made us slow down and scrutinise our behaviour like never before. 

Our founders wanted to buy better and understand ‘green’. But they couldn’t find answers without strapping on a miner’s hat and digging deep into the web. Information overload made buying green easier said than done. And the standards for being natural, sustainable and cruelty-free weren’t exactly clear-cut...

So, what’s the solution when you can’t find one? You build it yourself, obviously. 

A mantra for mint living 

Conscious curation for the conscious consumer. That’s what we’re all about. So, if consistency is the hardest part of a green lifestyle, we want to make it second nature. Which means giving you newer, better ways to buy - without the complication. 

Our website is home to beauty, wellness, body, lifestyle and home brands that are on the way to pure green production. And our Green Council (made up of scientists, health experts and more green wizards) keep us on track for what to look for in each and every business. 

Every product meets our Mint Green Standards - from cruelty-free testing to Organic and Natural badges. In fact, we can sum Mint Green up in Seven Cs… 

Conceptualised during COVID 

The virus has sharpened our focus, but our mission was the same to begin with - imagining a world where what we buy doesn’t harm us or the planet. 

Consistently fresh choices 

We’re relentless in our search for new brands. Why? Because we have to beat the mainstream in order for conscious consumerism to become the norm. 

Crystal clear standards 

Green living doesn’t have to be hard. Honestly - the easier, the better. So you’ll always find genuine reasons for the brands and products we select. Plus, we’d use everything ourselves.

Changes that stick 

No blame. No shame. Just goodness. Change should be inclusive, and that’s how it lasts. You won’t find a single soapbox here. 

Constant, consistent improvement 

Going green doesn’t just start at the vegan aisle in your supermarket. Nor does it end with conscious consumerism. Let’s keep pace with a world that’s moving quickly.


Committed to change 


Green living isn’t new. But we’re trying to change what people know, by taking small steps every day. Because every piece matters and conscious consumerism is here to stay.


Consciously curated 

We choose every Mint Green product with careful deliberation - for your lifestyle, wellbeing and everyday routine. Ahead of the curve? Maybe. But it’ll be the norm soon.

You see, we’re on a mission to make living green easy - exactly as it should be. From vegan supplements to natural skin cream, there are so many bold, creative products to help you do just that. Plenty more are coming too. And this is just the start. 

Thanks again for visiting. We hope you stick around. Oh, and get in touch about anything green! Apart from gardening. Rhododendrons defeat us.