Plastic-free life hacks

Mint Green Standard Packs: Plastic-Free

To give you performance and peace of mind, products are categorised into our Mint Green standards to help you shop with ease.

Vegan, Organic, Natural and Plastic-Free are standards we require to work with our brands. We created these standards as a starting point, over time, they will improve, expand and get more confident, this is just the beginning.

Whether it is replacing disposable items with long-life alternatives or avoiding plastic packaging, the Plastic-Free Pack is the kit to set you up.

Shopping our packs in this way offers amazing savings, and the Plastic Free Pack will save you 25% on the original total of £67 RRP.

Green living isn’t an overnight thing, it's a work in progress, but we’re here to help you on your journey to a kinder, cleaner lifestyle.


What's inside?

Nuddy Daily Shine Treatment Shampoo Bar (100g)

From a female-led, British and independent brand, this shine-inducing bar is loaded with coconut and argan oil. Plus, it lasts up to two times longer than your average shampoo. 


Nuddy Moisturising Soap Bar (100g)

A lightly foaming, coconut-ty soap bar formulated with African Shea Butter. 


UpCircle Plastic-Free Safety Razor

Made from non-disposable chrome, this double edge blade razor gives a superior shave. Kind to skin and to the planet. 

UpCircle Bamboo Cotton Buds (200pcs)

Made from ethically sourced, high quality bamboo, and topped either end with organic cotton, these buds are as eco-friendly as they come. 

The Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush

An entirely plant-based toothbrush, from the handle to the bristles. 

Frank Green Original Reusable Cup (12oz)

This award-winning cup is quite simply the most reliable, feel-good reusable cup on the market.