Our Green Gifting Guide, Unpacked

It’s beginning to look a lot like a sustainable Christmas. And, with our help, you’re about to find plenty of alternatives that cut waste and beat the high street. After all, that’s conscious consumerism in a chestnut shell: a gift that can stay with people forever.

You see, the planet deserves a treat too. And this is a time to feel good - not just about being with friends and family, but giving back to the place we all call home. 

So we’ve spent hours burning midnight oil (and Baileys Comet Shots) to bring you our ultimate picks for the season. Let’s tell you more about Mint Green’s Gifting Guide - why we’re doing it, and what’s on offer…

Kindness reimagined 

2020 has pushed so many of us to think more deeply about the choices we have made and will make. The festive period only slides us further into these thoughts. And since this Christmas is the first time in months that many of us are reuniting with our loved ones, goodwill and good decisions are playing on our minds more than ever. 

Christmas is a time when we’re able to slow down, come together and really consider what matters. In fact, every moment counts. Every decision too. That’s why we want to help change hearts and minds around what Christmas can be. Because the best Christmas isn’t just white - it’s green too.

What does Mint Green Gifting mean to us? 

Sustainable gifts are a double dose of kindness - a sense of giving, and giving back, all wrapped up into one. Thoughtful. Resourceful. Fresher than morning snow. The season summed up. 

We’ve scoured our brands and emerged with a prestigious list of gift ideas, split into three categories… 

Men’s gifts 

From skincare to shaving essentials - the special guy in your life will look, smell and scrub up well. There are travel kits too for when we’re back to business trips and holidays. 

Women’s gifts 

Here you’ll find a host of scents, hair care, creams, scrubs and more, designed for ladies who expect the absolute best from their routine. Plus, various wellbeing supplements. 

Pampering gifts 

Looking for a Christmas filler? Our latest range of curated gifts within our pampering selection are for everyone you love! Not only are they thoughtful, but they’re developed with the intention to empower us all to do better and buy better. For the bath, bedroom or back-bending massage, give the gift of me-time and allow someone to really relax.

With every Mint Green pick, we’ve stayed transparent. You’ll find a wide range of information on all products that have been selected this season for you and your family in mind, to ensure we are celebrating our top quality, organic, natural, vegan or cruelty-free brands. Get inspiration for your gifts today.

Pushed for time? Bundle up! 

That’s not all. We’ve also added bespoke Mint Green Bundles for you, so if you're stuck for ideas, they’re here readymade. 

Our Bundles are a broad spread of our bestsellers so far - think the glowing touch of Goldfaden MD, breaking the mould for sustainable skincare, or Josh Rosebrook, the award-laden hair specialists. Save money and time while growing the green influence on whoever you’re gifting to, showing them a wider array of small changes they can keep making, everyday. 

Like what you see? There’s more to come on our gift categories; we want to unpack them with a little closer detail. But for now, get started on your Christmas shopping with these. You have the green light.