Our Green Gifting Guide For Pampering

Buying for a friend or family member can be tough. At Christmas, the pressure might snowball. But everyone likes to be pampered - R&R is essential, after all. This year, we’re helping you round off your gift list with a completely new kind of restoration experience . . . Something that’s good for them and the planet. 

2020 has hit so many of us hard. We’re in need of a little kindness as we rethink our actions, lifestyle and relationships. So, why not give someone a sustainable way to soothe the mind and body? 

You’ve found it here. We’ve done the legwork. Let’s introduce our Mint Green gifting guide for a pampering session this season. Each of our hand-picked products makes sure your loved one gets a green, conscious detox.  

Why green gifting? 

Simple - it’s better for all of us. Christmas is a time to indulge, but also reflect. The pandemic has brought our impact on the world into focus. With small, everyday switches, we can head into 2021 knowing that we’re on the way to changing things for good. 

It’ll last long after the Christmas tree starts to sag. By gifting a Mint Green beauty and wellness treatment, you’re doing even more for that special someone. You’re introducing them to top-quality oils, ointments, masks, candles and bathing bits that might just improve their impact on the planet forever, if they see what else is out there. 

Once they settle into our pampering selection, they’ll feel the difference. It’s how green becomes a habit. 

A selection of our favourite gifts


Nothing quite beats stress like the power of nature - especially when leading scientists have proven it! Anatomē London bring uncommon natural ingredients to any self-care routine; they also use recyclable glass and traceable, sustainable supply chains. Their muscle ease and skin restoring bath salts are a fantastic place to start, as is their body oil

French Girl 

Tease the senses with handcrafted, cruelty-free smoothing treatments. French Girl Organics’ rose sea polish contains a mix of himalayan salts, nourishing and hydrating the skin. Or instead, gift the restorative strength of 20 plants and flowers with their Nectar De Néroli facial oil elixir

LA Bruket 

Since 2008, LA Bruket have been fashioning non-toxic body care from the west coast of Sweden. Their candles are amazing too, if you’re looking for sustainable scents this year. Explore their grapefruit or coriander waxes before moving onto their almond oil face scrub

Lena Wild 

These elegant glass bottles look almost too good to open. But when your loved one unscrews the cap or squeezes the pipette, they’ll be filled with the sweet smell of Nordic berries, lavender and white willow. Head straight to the rescue mask or opt for a stocking filler with specialised bloom oil

Skin & Tonic 

Certified Organic; intoxicatingly fresh. Skin & Tonic raise the bar for relaxers and cleansing solutions. Their calm kit has a trio of lip, skin and aromatherapy picks to make every day wind down just right. Check out their night oil for rough sleepers too - it restores the body’s natural circadian rhythm. 

Susanne Kaufmann 

Thanks to a nifty cold-press extraction, these masks, oil and bathtime essentials retain their potent bioactive properties for many months. Blossom bubble bath won’t fail to seduce a couple on date night. Or you might want to plump for a muscle release, bringing avocado and jojoba into the mix. 

Like what you see? We’ve got plenty more pampering products in store. So breathe easy. Make Christmas far calmer, flexing the best conscious choices you’ll come across.