Our Green Gifting Guide For Men

What do you get the man who might not have everything, but feels like he’s seen it all before? Grooming products, fragrances and skincare are all high on the list. But how can you break the mould? Especially this Christmas, when normal has been redefined…

You see, this year we’ve all had much more time to contemplate our place in the world. And we all know the best sort of presents are more than a well-wrapped parcel. They’re the gift of kindness: not only to each other, but the planet too. 

So this Christmas, why not treat the planet with just as much love and appreciation as we treat our loved ones? Don’t worry if you need a little inspiration either, as we’ve created our ultimate green gifting guide. Consider it your sustainable, quality hitlist for taking care of any man in your life. 

Why green gifting?

2020 has opened our eyes. And we’ve become increasingly aware of the impact our choices are having on the environment. The Christmas season only highlights this further as many of us look to change our consumer habits and shop consciously.

But protecting the environment - like stringing Christmas lights along your walls - isn't a one-man job. Far from it. Both consumers and brands need to take action together. Only then can we switch on successfully. But where do we start? 

It’s simple. Just take a look at the beauty, haircare and skincare products you would normally give to that special man in your life, and exchange them for green alternatives. It’s easy to do, and easy to find. So there’s no stopping you from going green this season.


A selection of our favourite gifts

Doers of London

Men's skincare is just as important as women's, so treat your loved one with some premium products from Doers of London. You’ll find everything from shaving cream to body washes protecting, nourishing and soothing the skin. After all, in 2020, everyone needs a little TLC.

Grown Alchemist

You’ll be spoilt for choice with Grown Alchemist. All of their products - from their calming hand cream to their gentle body cleanser - are supported by clinical results and developed using natural botanical extracts. Going green never felt so good. 

Plant Apothecary

Is your man in need of some eco-friendly self-care? PLANT Apothecary has you covered this christmas with their range of green, vegan, cruelty-free grooming products. From non-stripping face washes to protective serums, you’ll find something for all ages.


Rahua believes that caring for your hair with clean and non-toxic products is essential, making their products a great gift for hair conscious men. Straight, curly, long or short, their plant-based formulas are sure to brighten up both their hair and their day.

Salt & Stone

Looking for the perfect stocking filler? Salt & Stone provides hydrating lip balm with SPF to keep your man’s lips feeling soft this winter. The best part about it? They source Beeswax from local beekeepers in California, so the environmental impact is low. 

Susanne Kaufman

Susanne Kaufmann has developed a range of cosmetics that use only the most natural ingredients. If the man you have in mind is tired of using the same old harmful shaving products, we suggest opting for their calming shaving cream.


Throw away his harmful three-in-one shower gel and opt for an organic, Tangent GC Body Wash this Christmas. This organic product contains green ingredients to keep skin soft and moisturised. Gift it with some body lotion for an enviable, natural skin routine. 

Can't wait to dive in? This is just for starters. We’ve got plenty more gift-worthy green products to come. But start here and solve your man-shopping stress now.