Five essential body care rituals for a healthier glow

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With winter well and truly underway, here at Mint Green we know how much the cold climates wreak havoc on skin. Not to mention, self-care has undoubtedly become more important than ever, meaning that not taking time out of a busy schedule to indulge in a good pamper session is almost sinful. 

You’d think it doesn’t get more indulgent than dousing yourself with nourishing bath and body products; but when you know those products are consciously created and make for a greener environment, they instantly become much more enjoyable.

So whether gift-giving or treating yourself, we’ve crafted the perfect body care steps to restore glowing, healthy skin, whilst making better choices for the planet in the process.

Reap the benefits of a self-care bath

At the very top of the pamper scale is the all-important ritual of the bath. Take care of both your body and mind with some relaxing bath salts, release oils and the type of indulgent body wash you’d hide from guests. But it’s not just what goes into the bath that’s important, it’s the vibe you create beforehand… Surround yourself with calming candles of notes like neroli, lavender or sage to reach your maximum zen level. Enjoy the plant-based wax candles from Wxy without worrying how they’re made, as all candles contain 100% recyclable packaging!

Invest in some exfoliating essentials 

Fast-track to silky skin with a hard-working, robust exfoliator. Having established itself as a guaranteed glow-giver due to its abilities to shed old skin cells, a good body scrub is a true shower staple, to prevent those unwanted ingrown hairs and pore blockages. Go one step further and invest in a body brush; as well as increasing blood flow and collagen production, you’ll spot baby smooth skin in no time from its natural, gentle bristles. 

Faux a glow with some self-tanning pick-me-ups

It’s no secret that we’re all lacking in a bit of vitamin D during these colder months, depriving us of that radiant base we love in summer. However, there’s certainly no harm in investing in a bottle that’ll promise a faux glow – especially when the likes of Soleil offer 70%+ organic ingredients within their tanning products. These tanners guarantee goodness beyond a bronzed surface, through packing powerful antioxidants which work to soothe and soften skin.

Nurture skin with some nourishing body oils & lotions

From helping to treat dry skin to simply just staying smooth, a nourishing moisturiser is a must-have for your daily beauty routine. Replace lost hydration by applying post-shower, via valuable, natural oils like the ones in Susanne Kaufmann’s Body Oil. Or, give the naturally oil-rich shea butter a try, from the likes of UpCircle: its anti-inflammatory properties can be a real remedy for restoring a natural glow.

Don’t overlook those hardworking hands 

With the importance of keeping hands sanitised combined with frosty temperatures, it’s no wonder our paws need a little extra TLC. Help to relieve hard hands and keep dryness at bay with some miracle-working moisturisers, from the likes of Grown Alchemist and L:A BRUKET. Look out for stimulating ingredients like lemongrass, as well as essential oils like Bergamot for their strong nourishing abilities. 

Written by Daisy Carling-Rose