Discover *your* Glow Hub Routine

Not sure what order to apply your skin_care? Need help building *the* perfect glow_giving skincare routine? Meet colour_coded mix&match routines for skin_care made easy…. Time to create a personalised routine made just for *you*


WHAT: Cleanser
WHEN: Daily, AM & PM
WHY: Not only is cleansing the first step in your routine it’s also one of *the* most important. A definite must for AM & PM, refresh skin & remove impurities with a morning cleanse, using a clean flannel to really get rid of that dirt. Oh, and don’t forget to regularly change your pillowcase.
Breakout prone? Looking for a detox? Feeling a little dull?
--> Purify & Brighten Jelly Cleanser, a brightening + detoxifying jelly like cleanser for dull + breakout prone skin. 
Feelin’ thirsty? Want a first cleanse that’ll really take off heavy duty makeup?
--> Nourish & Hydrate Cleansing Balm, remove all traces of makeup, impurities and SPF without drying out skin.
Prone to irritation & redness?
--> Calm & Soothe Gel to Oil Cleanser is made for skin that needs some extra love. With hemp & jojoba to comfort & nourish as you clean.

STEP 2: 


WHAT: Mask, Treatment or Exfoliator
WHEN: AM or PM, the nxt step isn’t something you need to do daily.
WHY: Sometimes your skin just needs a little extra TLC (targeted loving care…) Time to add+ an extra  

Face Mask Sticks – made for mix & matching, meet our facemask sticks. Want to tackle those breakouts?  (Pick up a purple one). Need something for dryness? (Grab peach). Feeling irritated? (Go for green). Got all three? Mix it up and target the specific problem area with matching mask. 
Zit Zap Wand- a super targeted treatment to help zap zits + prevent more from appearing. We all get breakouts, no matter our skin type. 

Pore Polish Facial Exfoliator - gently scrub away dead skin cells, dirt & impurities to help lessen the appearance of breakouts & leave skin feeling silky soft, smooth & fresh.



WHAT: Toner
WHEN: Daily AM & PM
WHY: Refreshing without stripping, glow enhancing & with specific actives to really give them some oomph, prep your skin to drink up everything else that follows. 


Wanna exfoliate and do a deep dive into pores?
--> Purify & Brighten Pore Rescue Lifesaver Toning Pads, with salicylic acid to brighten, renew & resurface⁠.
Need an extra hit of hydration?
--> Nourish & Hydrate Toner Essence, with peach, coconut water, aloe and hyaluronic acid to plump & soften.
Struggle with redness or irritation?
--> Calm & Soothe Toner Essence - a calming toner for dehydrated + irritation prone skin with hemp & jojoba to soothe stressed_out skin. 



WHAT: Serum 
WHEN: Daily AM & PM
WHY: This is *the* time to really target your specific skincare concerns, whether that’s dryness, irritation, breakouts (or a mix of all 3.) You can use a different one in the AM than the PM, or layer them together, what_ever works for you.
Want to target breakouts, dullness and uneven skin tone?
--> Purify & Brighten Super Serum - balance, clarify & tackle impurities with detoxifying black tea, antioxidant_rich blueberry and salicylic acid.
Dry, dull + wanting a hit of hydration?  
--> Nourish & Hydrate Serum Mist, time for a peach of that glow! For skin that looks & feels healthy and dewy. Enriched with glow_enhancing hyaluronic acid, hydrating peach extract & nourishing coconut water.
Struggle with redness or irritation? Want some soothing relief?
--> Calm & Soothe Serum Mist - enriched with ultra_soothing hemp seed oil, oh_so calming jojoba extract & happily_hydrating hyaluronic acid.


WHAT: Moisturiser
WHEN: Daily AM & PM
WHY: A skin_care must_have – your moisturiser. Whether you’re super_dry or more on the oily side, always reach for your moisturiser to help balance skin & give it what it needs to stay healthy & balanced.
Breakout prone & want something light?
--> Purify & Brighten Moisture Lotion, brighten without clogging pores, squalane hydrates + brightens as blueberry & black tea detoxify.

Flaky? Dry? Time to rehydrate thirsty skin… 
--> Nourish & Hydrate Gel Moisturiser, a nourishing moisturiser with peach & coconut for skin that needs a hit of hydration.

Dry, uncomfortable skin that needs some soothing relief?
--> Calm & Soothe Cool Whip Moisturiser, light as a cloud, with hemp & jojoba to soothe stressed and irritation prone skin.  


STEP 6: 


WHEN: Daily, AM only
WHY: Repeat after me. SPF is my BFF. A morning must_have, especially if you’ve been applying things like the salicylic acid (from the Glow Hub Purify & Brighten range).

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