Brand of the Month: Evolve Beauty

About Evolve

Having launched in 2009, Evolve was inspired by founder Laura's own healthy living journey and her belief that companies should do good as well as doing well. Evolve has been designed (like Mint Green) to make it easy for people to take small steps towards being healthier and greener in their everyday lives. Laura always found natural and organic food and beauty products to be beneficial for her own journey towards better skin. 

Evolve make all of their own products, meaning they know exactly what is in them; why each ingredient is included and its origin. A large number of skincare brands outsource production to industrial factories, but by making themselves Evolve are able to innovate and avoid toxic standard practices (like cheap chemical fillers or adding tiny ineffective amounts of active ingredients). 


The inspiration and influence of nature

Nature is the source of Evolve's inspiration. Not just using natural ingredients, but the genius of nature. Many of the active ingredients were developed by another living organism (thank you flowers, kelps, roots and nuts) to help their own cells thrive and prosper in some of the harshest conditions in the world. So, whenever Evolve are searching for a new ingredient that can help with hydration, nutrition, protection, strengthening, elasticity or anything else, their first question is always ‘what would nature do?’

Also, nothing in nature is wasted, every element has a built in a recycling scheme, from the packaging (the shell of a seed) becoming next year’s healthy soil mulch, through to a key ingredient (a fallen leaf) becoming nourishment for an earthworm. Evolve are on a journey to create the maximum amount of enjoyment and pleasure with no performance compromise from their products alongside using the minimum amount of resources possible.


Evolve Packaging and Sustainability

Evolve cardboard cartons are made using 40% grass fibres, making them compostable at home as well as recycling bin friendly.

Evolve are certified plastic negative meaning that for every product sold they remove twice as much plastic from the environment and that's a plastic negative promise, Evolve are able to do this thanks to a partnership with rePurpose Global and their Multi-Layered Plastic Packaging Recovery programme in Aurangabad, India.

As we all know carbon emissions are a problem, but as a climate positive business Evolve officially remove more carbon from the environment than they produce. Partnered with Earthly, Evolve are supporting Bosques Amazonicos SAC (BAM) as they aim to reduce deforestation deep in the Peruvian rainforest.



Mint Green Standards

Evolve products meet our Vegan, Natural and Organic standards and are also cruelty-free.


Evolve products are conceptualised and created in their UK based eco-studio in Hertfordshire which runs totally on wind-power.


Discover and spread the love

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